Benefits of using a distributor

Benefits of using a distributor

The main advantage of using a distributor like United Fasteners is simplicity. This article covers some of the main reason’s customers use us.


As a national distributor, we have strong relationships with leading wholesalers and manufacturers both within Australia and across the globe. We take away the time, logistical burdens, and paperwork with supplying goods.


Time Saving

We’re a true logistic partner, with same day delivery services on all standard items. With morning and afternoon runs, we work around your requirements and ensure a fast delivery. We also offer inventory management solutions for regular consumers of products such as Kanban, which focuses on keeping your key lines stocked, available and ready to go.



To start with, account customers have the ability to receive 30 days credit. Once set up customers then benefit from tiered pricing (which not only benefits your day-to-day requirements, but also benefits your less regular associated purchases, whether that’s cutting tools, sealants and adhesives, safety gear etc.). We then collaboratively forecast future volumes and usages to ensure we mitigate volatility and inflationary inputs on pricing.



Our people know the product and industry. From project design to project implementation, we provide advice and specification support along the way. We can also provide the relevant product approvals, certifications and training when needed.


Whether it's on-site, over the phone, via email or online - we are always there to assist you.


If you would like to open an account with us, please apply online or if you would like to speak with a sales representative, please contact your nearest branch to inquire for more information or to place an order.