Angle Grinder Blade - Multi Use Turbo Rim Blades for Non Abrasive Material

ICCONS Raptor turbo rim cutting blades are ideal for cured concrete / reinforced, clay bricks, terracotta roof tiles, granite, bluestone, steel pipe / tube and hebel block.

  • Disc Diameter: 105mm - 230mm
  • Features:
    • Raised boss for superior strength and grip behind Flanges
    • Permanent Directional arrow cut out
    • High concentration of quality diamonds
    • Additional Cooling Holes to aid cooling of blade
    • Aggressive contoured segment for fast removal of material
    • Long life in non-abrasive material
    • Bore resize bushes - Press fit
    • 10mm high segment on blades up to 7/178mm
    • 12mm high segment on 9/230mm blade
    • Wet and Dry use
  • Applications: Clay bricks, Terracotta roof tiles, Granite, Bluestone, Steel pipe & Hebel block