Fastener Installation

There are many ways to install Fasteners...

Fastener Installation

With more than 21 years of operating behind us, United Fasteners is proud of our in-house expertise around nuts and bolts and the application of fastening solutions. Our team has extensive knowledge across all facets of fastening, and will always be dedicated to offering the best suited fasteners for your application.


The correct installation of fasteners is crucial for the safety and reliability of any given application, be it structural or mechanical. This is why we place great emphasis on understanding assembly techniques for the extensive range of fasteners we have available, offering insight and peace of mind to ensure fasteners are installed correctly and securely.
We have a deep understanding of the factors that affect torque, such as the type of material being fastened, the size and grade of the fastener, and the type of connection being created.

Support when you need it.

We understand that choosing the suitable fastener to meet or exceed your specifications can be overwhelming. This is why we offer guidance and support throughout the fastener buying process.
Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns that our clients may have, and we work closely with them to ensure their projects are successful.

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United Fasteners is passionate about ensuring the success of your project, as well as its safety and reliability through the correct installation of fasteners.

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