We are proud to have earned triple ISO Certifications

We have earned triple ISO Certifications

We are pleased to announce that we recently earned triple ISO certification, encompassing our Head Office along with our South Australia and Western Australia branches. This achievement reinforces our commitment to excellence and sets a new industry standard.

Our attainment of ISO certifications for Safety, Environmental and Quality across three key entities, ensures a uniform approach across the organisation; one which provides a safe and harmonious workplace, care for the natural environment and upholding the delivery of high-quality products and services to customers.

For customers, it guarantees our unwavering excellence, regardless of location. We are well-prepared to meet evolving industry demands, positioning ourselves as a top choice for those valuing welfare and quality in their supply chain.

Our triple ISO certification solidifies United Fasteners as industry leaders, showcasing our relentless pursuit of safety, environmental responsibility, and quality. It's a significant accomplishment with far-reaching positive impacts.