Steel Deck Insert - Blue Banger Hanger

Steel Deck Inserts (SDI) Blue Bangers Hangers are installed before the concrete is poured and are engineered to save you time and money without compromising the strength of the anchor. Each cast-in Deck anchor handles multiple threaded rod diameters, has greater anchor strength, installs in a fraction of the time and eliminates exposure to dust and other OHS hazards when compared to post installed anchors. These steel deck inserts feature a 75mm blue neck on the making them easily located for threaded rod installation and acts as protection against fire proofing material entering the threaded body. Once the concrete has cured the Steel Deck Insert is ready to use and have threaded rod inserted. Steel Deck Insert - Blue Banger Hangers are Ideal for gravity and seismic anchorage and are also suitable for cracked and uncracked concrete, covering a vast range of trade applications.

  • Internal Threads: M8 - M20 (each insert accommodates multiple threads)
  • Features:
    • Provides excellent shear values for overhead attachments
    • Patented grooved insert body prevents component separation even if the flute is broken off prior to pour
    • Fully cracked concrete tested for vertical and dynamic seismic loading
    • Backed by: ICC Report ESR-3599 granted under AC446
    • Keeps internal threads clean
    • Extended length makes insert easy to locate even with fireproofing on deck underside
    • Plastic sleeve provides guidance to align threaded rod with matching internal female threads
    • UL plenum rated for use in ceiling cavity spaces
    • Reduces inventory, each insert can accommodate M8, M10 and M12 threaded rod sizes
    • Allows for threaded rod size changes after inserts are installed
    • Internal threads eliminate the need and cost of couplings
  • Installs in a fraction of the time of post installed anchors
  • Applications: For steel deck formwork, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Piping, Fire Sprinkler Systems