Heavy Duty Blind Bolt

Blind bolts are structural fasteners that deliver more strength and adaptability than a typical rivet or welded connection for blind cavity fixings where access is only possible from one side. They were developed to create a strong connection where conventional rivets or hex bolts were hard to fit or just couldn't meet the connection requirements. Blind bolts offer good resistance to vibration and are quite tamper-proof making them well suited to steel construction applications and across many manufacturing industries to the likes of mining equipment, automotive, aviation and shipbuilding.

  • Metric: Dia M8 - M20 & Lengths 45mm - 85mm
  • Strength: High Tensile PC10.9 & G316 A4
  • Material/Finish: GEOMET 500 & G316 Stainless Steel
  • Certification: ICC ESR Certified, enquire for more information