Off Site Solutions

Consignment stock and custom packaging.

Off Site Solutions

If you’re looking to save space, an off-site solution may be the option for you. Our off-site inventory solutions include consignment stock and custom packaging.

Consignment Stock 

This product management method involves us stocking your key product lines at one of our warehouses and you are charged for the stock as you use it.

You can move the goods from storage to production at any time, taking the financial stress and time out of ordering quantities that may or may not be used. We are responsible for product management and will ensure there is always an appropriate amount of stock available.


Custom Labelling 

We can also insert instruction sheets into your packages if required. We also offer customised labelling to meet your product and company specifications - saving you time and effort on the small things. We can label your pre-packaged boxes with the project name, quantity, part number, barcode, and product name.