Threaded Rod Hanger (External Thread) - TOGE

Rod Hangers are suitable for suspended concrete ceiling applications, requiring fast installation times. The Hanger fixings each have NCC, Cracked Concrete Approval, Fire Rated and C1 Approval. The Rod hangers have high load capacities in both cracked and non-cracked concrete with undercut load transmission. Perfect for applications requiring safety critical threaded rod suspension, such as AC ducting, hanging pipe, fire protection, and cable-tray applications.

  • External Thread: Suits M8 - M10 with Lengths 40mm - 55mm
  • Metric external thread, suits M8 or M10 threaded fasteners
  • C1 seismic certification
  • ETA/ NCC, Fire rated and Cracked Concrete Approval
  • Material/Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Applications: Suspending threaded rod, piping, conduit, ducting & strut channels